The world of gaming is becoming increasingly popular year by year. From the rise of esports to the creation of gaming teams in highschools and universities around the world, one thing is for certain – gaming is here to stay.

We know that work and school can be boring, so we’ve got the perfect solution for you, gaming websites!

Most work and school computers don’t allow you to install games, software, or even basic applications. There are some ways to get around this, but we don’t advise trying, as you’re likely to get caught and could even lose your job or get expelled from school if you’re messing with the way their computers are set up.

The solution to this is to find online web browser games. This might sound a bit boring at first, but stick with us! Flash and online games have come a long way since their creation. What started out as a simple game of worm or pong online has turned into full fledged RPG’s and other games.

You’ve probably heard of runescape before, and for good reason – it’s arguably the most popular game in the history of web based browser games. They were able to accomplish some awesome feats and still boast a decent sized population even today!

While you may not be looking for something as full fledged as runescape, we have some great options for you that will help to pass the time, have some fun, and enjoy yourself with or without friends.

Recommended Games

The first game we recommend is stick arena. This is a classic game you’ve probably heard of before. The main allure with this game is its simplicity and addictive nature. It’s also a great online game to play with friends at work or school.

Some people even like playing this game at home because it can be so much fun!

If you haven’t realized it by now, the reason we are suggesting these games is because most school and work computers block not only software and applications, but most gaming websites too. It’s important to find an unblocked gaming website to get the most satisfaction out of your gaming experience. We recommend checking out GameOver for a list of some of the best online games websites.

(now back to stick arena)

stick man picture

Stick arena is a simple PvP game against your friends. It has some pac-man style vibes to it, with the hardcore PvP aspect that many people love. You are all spawned into a room with various walls, obstacles, and other things that can obscure movement and vision.

Weapons will spawn throughout the room, they can be as useless as a piece of rope, or as awesome as an AK. You then go around the room trying to steal lives from your friends or competitors until there’s one man standing.

This is a great game because it doesn’t take a lot of time, commitment, or energy. It can be quickly closed out of as well if any bosses or teachers are walking by.

One of the biggest perks is that it doesn’t require sound to play. Lots of online games require sound, which can make playing secretly pretty tough.

Our next choice for online gaming is typeracer. This may sound like a boring game, and it definitely can be, but if you’re a competitive type of person you’ll have a blast.

We recommend playing this game with a group of close friends, as the competition and rivalry can be hilariously fun.

typing image

The concept of this game is to test your typing speed in relation to your friends. One of the major perks of this game is that it also hones your typing skills and makes you a faster typer.

The game also includes an anti-cheat and visual car that moves along the road as you type. The faster you type, the faster the car moves. It’s fun to watch all of the cars you friends are “driving” as they type, and it adds even more fun to the game.

If you’re just looking for a fun and engaging solo game, we recommend a time-tested favorite: lemonade stand. This game has been around for years and is one of our favorite online games.

The concept of the game is to grow your lemonade stand as quickly as possible within 30 days. You can do all sorts of things, add ice, add sugar, add water, subtract water, subtract lemons, etc.. The point of the game is to perfectly balance your ingredients and costs with your profit.

It might sound a bit nerdy or cheesy, but this game is actually super fun and even helps to grow your business mindset a bit.

We really like this game because it proves you don’t need flashy graphics or an intense single-player story to have a fun and addictive game.


Well, there you have it, these are our top picks for online games. We hope you can make it through the day a little bit easier by finding an awesome game to play in your web browser.

Have a favorite game we missed? Feel free to contact us or leave it in the comments below.