I was able to participate in the Fallout 76 beta which started last night on PC, and was impressed right off the bat. I wanted to write some of my thoughts down since it’s fun to look back on initial impressions after logging some time in a game.

When I first spawned into the game I was slightly confused. The bunker you spawn in has lots of objects that can be interacted with, and I found myself having a hard time discerning what I could interact with, and what was just a prop.

After spending a couple of minutes in the starter room I figured out how to exit, and proceed further in the bunker until I eventually ended up outside.

The graphics were absolutely stunning. I figured they would have a heavy shader on them, but they ended up being quite realistic while keeping true to that traditional fallout feel.

I was able to quickly build my “C.A.M.P” and complete some starter quests. Overall the gameplay felt smooth, inviting, and had the depth you can expect from fallout.

My only gripe was the information overload. There were so many things to do that it felt like the starter gameplay could have been slightly more streamlined. Instead, you were thrown out into the world with a million different choices.

I’m really looking forward to logging more hours on the game and can’t wait for the official release. I would say it’s absolutely worth purchasing and sinking some time into.