Fieldrunners 2 is one of the most well known tower defense games to hit the mobile market in recent years. Although it came out quite awhile ago, it’s still generating a ton of revenue and attracting new players daily.

As a tower defense lover I decided to purchase it and take a look.

Right off the bat one of the most impressive things to me was the artwork. It has a very unique cartoonish art style that I love. Combine that with the 2.5D graphics and I was very impressed with the scenery and graphics for a mobile game.

The towers, minions, and game play felt smooth and enjoyable. I didn’t find myself getting bored quickly as I have with some other tower defense games. There are multiple different levels/maps in the game, and each one poses a different challenge.

One aspect of the game I didn’t like was the tower art. Towers felt large and clunky, and didn’t seem to give me the typical enjoyment of watching them grow and take on new abilities.

Overall, it’s a solid mobile tower defense game, especially at the low price point it’s based at. I would love if they re-did some of the tower art and bullet effects, but it’s still an awesome game to kill some time!