No matter what game you play, you’re sure to encounter someone cheating at some point. While most of us enjoy playing fairly, and enjoying the game the way it was meant to be played, there are just as many hackers, cheaters, and exploiters out there.

In my gaming experience I’ve come across two distinct categories of cheaters.

Category 1: The Griefers

These cheaters/hackers cheat for the sole reason of upsetting other players and ruining their experience. They find joy in obliterating other players or making the game unplayable for them. I would say these types of cheaters are the minority, but still make up a decent proportion of the cheating population.

Category 2: The Competitive Player

These cheaters aren’t trying to ruin the game for others, and often try their base to look legit as they play. They will purposely die, mess up, and try to keep just a slight edge over their competitors. They want the glory of being a pro player, without the real skill. I would say these are the majority of cheaters.

Category 3: The Habitual Cheater

This category of cheater aligns more with category 2, but instead of wanting the glory of being a competitive pro player, they just find the game more fun when they can cheat. They don’t necessarily want to ruin the game for others, and they don’t really care about being at the top of the ranking ladder. These players just enjoy having an advantage over other people and find it fun.

Let me know your thoughts, do you think I nailed it, or am I totally off?