My League of Legends Tips

One of the most played games to date is League of Legends. It was on top for many years in a row, and was finally surpassed by Fortnite.

League of Legends is also one of higher skill cap games on the market, with massive skill gaps between each ranking “division”.

Simple League Tips

I wanted to post some […]

Fallout 76 Beta: Initial Thoughts

I was able to participate in the Fallout 76 beta which started last night on PC, and was impressed right off the bat. I wanted to write some of my thoughts down since it’s fun to look back on initial impressions after logging some time in a game.

When I first spawned into the game I […]

FieldRunners 2 Review

Fieldrunners 2 is one of the most well known tower defense games to hit the mobile market in recent years. Although it came out quite awhile ago, it’s still generating a ton of revenue and attracting new players daily.

As a tower defense lover I decided to purchase it and take a look.

Right off the bat […]